Pendapat Peribadi seorang Doktor Pakar tentang TRANSFER FACTOR

This is just my Personal observation that I would like to share with everyone. For non medical personnel who continue reading this story, forgive me for using medical jargons here. This article is neither authorised nor approved by the FDA (of course!).And again, this is just my personal opinion after serving 14 years in the health sector.

Assalamualaikum wbt and a very good day to everyone.
I feel the need to write this issue as more and more people, ie the public has become more educated nowadays. Patients want to know more about their diseases. They’re more informed than us, thanks to the advent of internet and social media. Just type anything in Google search and everyone can get the answer.
Somehow, about 30-50% of them comes to see us to know what is their diagnosis, or confirm it. And later, refuses our treatment. We then start give them that ‘look’, and discharge them and tell them DONT ever come back! Or rather, medicolegally, make them sign AOR and please leave, AND I will not hold responsible for your action. AND, deep inside us we will say – when you develop complications, dont ever come and see me, please see other Dr!! Let other Dr handle the mess – so to speak! Honestly, how many of us do have this self-thought inside us? Well, I was… but not anymore.

Of late, I’m starting to see this 30-50% who, despite taking discharge against medical advise… actually turns out to have better quality of life. Not as ‘predicted’ according to our Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). And i quote from Wikipedia – (maybe not the right source, however, do remember that Wikipedia is run by non profit groups and individual with no monetary gain. Hence, worth looking up into the details)

Regarding Evidence Based Medicine :
A 2007 analysis of 1016 systematic reviews from all 50 Cochrane Collaboration Review Groups found that 44% of the reviews concluded that the intervention was “likely to be beneficial”, 7% concluded that the intervention was “likely to be harmful”, and 49% concluded that evidence “did not support either benefit or harm”. 96% recommended further research. A 2001 review of 160 Cochrane systematic reviews (excluding complementary treatments) in the 1998 database revealed that, according to two readers, 41.3% concluded positive or possibly positive effect, 20% concluded evidence of no effect, 8.1% concluded net harmful effects, and 21.3% of the reviews concluded insufficient evidence. A review of 145 alternative medicine Cochrane reviews using the 2004 database revealed that 38.4% concluded positive effect or possibly positive (12.4%) effect, 4.8% concluded no effect, 0.69% concluded harmful effect, and 56.6% concluded insufficient evidence.

Why am I writing all this? Because I’m seeing chronic illness patients getting better quality of life. Im seeing doctors themselves , when they are down with cancer, and diagnosed to have renal failure – refuses chemotherapy, refuses dialysis. In one incidence, she came out of it, creatinine levels started declining, started to eat after 7 months lying on bed – waiting when will i die? She has started travelling the whole Malaysia and sharing the benefits of what she took and what she had gone through. Call it placebo effect if you want, BUT do not underestimate alternative therapy in particular Neutraceutical, in this case i mean Transfer Factor.
In CRF patients in particular, how many of us care enough to ask what their quality of life is like? Their next day is just another rest day before the next 4 hours dialysis day. Not many have the positive energy strong enough to continue with normal daily life like a normal person. However, many that I have seen, taking transfer factor, their energy level is better. After dialysis is like after going to the bathroom. They can just go and meet friends and continue doing their daily activities. And a few, manage to reduce their dialysis to twice a week.  Long battling stroke patients started to walk again, started to gardening again… able to perform their prayers 5x a day like their colleagues in the mosques… just like other healthy pensioneers. Hard to believe, but its already happening.

Whilst the majority doctors, professors and researchers are talking against transfer factor, public out there are already gaining its benefits and a better quality of life. They will definitely NOT go back to you should they develop another health issue and seek another doctor instead. These are the data lost that we never knew what happen to them…. These are the ones that public call them testimonies… that we never believe in…. Yet when we see them survive, we may say that – Owh… shes so lucky to survive her stage 4 cancer! LUCKY? Hmmm…..
In another shocking story, a heroine addicted man said he cant ‘feel’ the heroine anymore after taking transfer factor plus advanced… I wonder how TF worked in this individual… Definitely other mechanisms that linked to his immune system since it increased his NK cell activity by 437%!

Many asthmatic and chronic sinusitis sufferers have stopped using their inhalers and nasal sprays without even realising it. In one typical example, this lady has forgotten that she doesnt sneeze nor gasping for her inhaler anymore while cleaning her house until her husband told her so. In another family, ‘camping’ in the hospital every other month for a week to 10 days because of asthma and bronchitis has been their normal life while their children is growing up. Now, the family have a better life at home playing sports and games at home instead. And they no longer have to ‘camp’ in the hospital bed anymore….. Now, how cost effective is that? How much does the insurance have to pay to this typical scenario for a family? When all you need is merely RM169 minimum monthly for an adult.
Do we just treat Xrays, creatinine levels, HbA1C levels…. other blood parameters…… CT scans.. MRIs.. PET scans…
Or do we treat the patient as a whole and respect their choice too….

At the end of the day, when we suffer the same, we will also turn to alternatives. In this case, I have open my mind for transfer factor in particular. For I have seen so many miracles that happened, and often challenged my ego as a doctor….. I had to humble myself, swallow my pride and accept that it worked. Put myself in their shoes, when all drugs and treatment have failed, I’ll take anything natural (that is even safe in pregnancy and in babies) at all cost and at my own risk….
Just remember, for every disease God sent, he provided a cure in nature. Transfer Factor is still a choice that must be remembered…..

Thank you for reading.
As I have said earlier, this is just my personal opinion….
Have a nice day everyone.
I am ever grateful for everything that has happened to me and all knowledge that He has granted upon me and I am now sharing it to everyone that I know.
May He show us the light and right path in our daily life.Image

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